Honk-Serving ‘smart street food’ is the moto at Honk, the food takes inspiration from the street-style cuisine popular in Asia. The presentation and décor is distinctly natural, invoking farm-style food of the region. The new menu has been carefully curated to showcase culinary influences from the diverse regions of Asia, primarily Chinese and Japanese with a glimpse of Thai and Singaporean as well as a touch of Indonesian.


At Honk, we emphasis on procuring the right ingredients like the Soy Sauce from Singapore or the Low Fat Tuna like Maguro from Japan, quality soft shell crabs from Chennai and more to provide an unparalleled dining experience to our guests at Honk.


We did ordered  :

  1.  Asparagus and spicy tuna rolls

  2. Som Tum salad

  3. Pad Thai noodles

  4. Thai red curry

  5. Mapo Tofu curry

  6. Veg fried rice

  7. crustal dumplings

All I would like to sum up is that the bite of every dish that I took, was marvelous, I mean, the very concept that the chef  wants to deliver is purposely being served at par and to its best. AUTHENTIC PAN ASIAN MEAL AND AMBIANCE. MUST GO!

loved it.


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