Sports Diner by Hangout, Select City Walk, Saket!

Did they hear what we were talking about!! I guess they did, Sports diner by Hangout did hear what i was discussing with my childhood friend few days back.. So here’s how it goes: My friend is expecting and we were discussing how her priorities will change and how for first few years they will have to make a wise choice while going out clearly because for her kid she needs to go to a different place where they wouldn’t enjoy much and for themselves they would go to a place where their kid will feel bored.. So it is going to be difficult to them to strike a balance… This was the main crux of the whole conversation and this thought somewhere built it’s place in my mind and I kept on wondering what if there is a place where both can enjoy!!!

Now coming back to the opening lines of my review, they heard us talking… I am talking about Hangout by Sports diner situated at 4th floor of Select City walk which is a place where both parents and kids can have awesome time! Its really true, it’s a place for both..

Gaming Zone: Both parents and kids can enjoy their kind of games.. While there’s bowling, pool, match screening et al for adult, kids at the same time have zillion options in games to pick from!! From batman to superman, to pokemon, to virtual rides and what not! It’s a crazy world for kids, while taking a stroll I felt like a kid myself!!! I wish I had so many gaming option when I was a kid, it did look like paradise for kids and i was clearly jealous..

Food/Café: This is really amazing part, there’s a whole section of bar serving alcohol and there’s whole lot of food for everyone’s choice and for kids they have the cutest cafeteria I have seen after a long time. It’s situated on it’s first floor and I couldn’t stop saying how sweet, how cute all the time!! The décor and furniture used for kids is a work of beauty and adoreness.. It’s lovely and how!!!

Overall talking, it’s one place where both kids and parents can enioy to the fullest! Like can have a big great time together in real. I recommend it for all the families and kids and parents and well, singles too!!

Go ahead guys, have a great time!!

Credit: Priyanka
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