International Yoga Day and a satiating breakfast day by DLF Cyber Hub

We(Me and my blogger friend) were contemplating about departing from our precious blanket ‘n’ bed arrangement at 5:55 am. With one leg of our mind on either side of whether to return to the solemn sleep or get up and about! And naturally, overcoming the two bait-full minutes of laziness we chose the latter.

And we found ourselves thanking the DLF team to letting our families and us believe that we too can play an early riser for such a pleasing post-Dawn date.


We were honestly surprised to see such a good turnout of fitness enthusiasts at the #IYD Yoga sessions organized by DLF in association with Reebok. Where, in a major landmark of NCR; i.e., DLF Cyber Hub, one has witnessed corporate and chilled crowd, indulging in Glitz and Gluttony; who would know that we could testimony 60 participants+ versed instructors + sweet spectators at a drizzling 7 am on a weekday.


I workout, walk and dance; don’t Yoga! But if it is so simple and relaxing under the sky(at least it felt like so at the event), then why not. I recently read about so many celebrities and loved athletes who found balance and value in their lives via the power of Yoga.

What I also liked was there wasn’t too much noise(regarding speaker volumes and all), it sabotages the event essence when the amplifiers burst out too loud. And the zeal- full group of attendees was rather heterogeneous – contrary to what one may expect for a particular age bracket to be present – we saw kids, young adults between 23-35-year-olds learning meditation ‘aasans’; as well as middle-aged and Experienced adults aged 55-65 years.


After feeling the fresh breeze enter me through stretching postures that compelled my stressed muscles and bones(literally and metaphorically) to escape their comfort zone, I did feel a level lighter.

One thing is guaranteed, religiously practiced Yoga does residue ‘patience’ in you, as was visible in the faces and bodies of the instructors – They looked just so calm.


And this wasn’t it. The DLF team and new but not naïve kid on the #DLFCyberHub block and every Delhi-ite’s brain – ’International House of Pancakes’ welcomed us with open arms for a fulfilling beginning to the day!


Indeed, living to its brand name and love around it; undoubtedly, #IHOP serves the best Pancakes, waffles, iced coffee and Omelette we’ve had.IMG_20170622_080700.jpg

The sinful but satisfying succulents have just the right amount of whipped cream on the – ‘Berries and cream pancake’; and the perfect indulgent cream cheese couples  with crisp and baked right ‘New York Cheesecake Waffles.’

And not to forget, not everyone does an Omelette right- but yes! They did; feathery and divine, it is stuffed generously with fresh Mushrooms and other garden-fresh veggies.

Thank you to the #DLF team for equipping us with a super useful stress buster tool and much-needed Reebok Resistance Tube.



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