Ice-creamy summer vacay for the kids

Foodhall knows how to brighten the children’s holidays with a quick ice-cream making workshop. Organized by The ‘delight for a foodie’ Foodhall at DLF Place, Saket, the event saw enthu sweet and small teeth carefully listening to the chef and drooling over pounds of freshly made ice-cream.




Till now kids only had a fantasy of a far away icecream fantasy, till Foodhall prepared a delectable Sunday in front of their eyes.

Right from extracting the fresh vanilla essence from raw vanilla twigs to churning it with the icecream base, all the methods were done in front of the little ones; which kept their attention glued uninterrupted to the chef.




The chef explained the term ‘Coulis’- which is any thick and pulpy gravy, be it for spicy curries or desserts. He thus prepared the ‘Mango Coulis’ from scratch with mango pieces, sugar, lemon scrapes and lime juice.



Not only the kids but all of were taken for a delicious ride of our sight when we witnessed the in-house Foodhall chef preparing ‘Chocolate Ganache’ with cooking chocolate and elle vire cooking cream.



You don’t say no to an icecream with tempting toppings ranging from crunchy pistachios, almonds, raisins, choco-chips, white chocolate, silver balls and ‘Matcha Tea powder.’




Pair the vanilla icecream, made in front of your with  the sauce of your choice-Mango or chocolate or both – as I did 😉




Known for their large variety of all food stuff in categories of Veg or Non-veg; sweet or savory; munchies or beverages; anything and everything to eat! This time too they had an amazing array of excellent breads, dips, salad and veggie marinations.

I treated myself to basil pesto draped cottage cheese picks, and Sun-dried tomatoes & caramelized onions’ bread cubes.

Foodhall is also exclusively retailing ‘Matcha Green Tea’ powder that is a holistic benefit variation of tea, known to cleanse and bring meditative benefits to the body and mind. On promotions; they even had Matcha Powder pound cake, Match tea donut and sprinkled the Matcha powder on the fresh ice-cream off the stove.





Head on to Foodhall to fulfill all your summer cooking needs!


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