DLF Cyber Hub: – So much in just Rs. 809 AI

The millennial city and the restaurateurs breathed a sigh of relief when post revamping road maps leading from NH8, DLF Cyber Hub could serve alcohol again. Well, the total time that DLF Cyber Hub had lost its charm following the rule was 809 hours. Thus, to treat its fans, 22 outlets in India’s first entertainment-food junction is gave exclusive offers at Rs. 809, no hidden conditions and taxes.

With a special crawl to get the best of all, DLF had organized a crawl of 4 outlets from the participating 22 lot.  We began from the premier multi-dimensional gaming land ‘Smaaaash.’

It had super lucrative packages for gamers of all ages, and I enjoyed myself at the virtual reality thrilling experience of ’Vertigo.’

Undoubtedly, you perceive that you are a million ft up in the sky, rope walking; but in reality, you are safe and sound! What a surreal experience at ‘Smaash.

For starters, we headed to ‘Soi7’. With variety and presentation on the vegetarian lot, what caught my eye and taste buds were Raw Mango Salad, Cottage Cheese Chilli and Tofu with Chill veggies.


We were almost full, but that’s what is impeccable and not to miss about the DLF Cyber Hub fiesta going.  You get so much in so little(the 809 offer).

For the main course and cocktails, we knew doing it right was Pier 38!


I was happy sipping on my tangy Red Wine Sangria, and my comrades relished their Pinacolada and Whiskey-Vodkas too.



Yes! The drinks came with a crunchy-munchy chakna platter.




With cottage cheese fritters, Old Delhi Style ‘Palak Patta Chaat’, and a funky stuffed bread, I was already stuffed to my brim.

When we thought that it was over, they came in with more. DLF Cyber Hub’s deliverance of the 809 offer had more to it.

And thus, then followed the Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese and Basil leaves but what stole the show were the desserts.

The DLF team had specially booked the new sweet baby on their block, i.e., ‘Bombakery ‘ for our dessert pitstop, but the Pier 38 team insisted for us to try a bit of their pudding offering.




I am not a Baklawa person, but here; I must say; I relished their crispy on the outside & spongy on the inside’ near perfect baked Baklawa. What a feast was it, and the hot chocolate stick with Vanilla icecream.

Last but not the least – Yes; thanks to DLF’s tasteful curation; we had no space in the stomach, but then, there is always room cupcakes and tarts in the tummy!




Bombaykery is fresh, is oodles of love of Macaroons, sinful cookies, pies; cupcakes! Yasss! And the list goes on.


Their offer may have ended, but the delicacy and unending fun of DLF Cyber Hub haven’t.Take your loved one out there, now.


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