‘Cultivate the unusual’ with Hendrick’s Gin!



World Cucumber Day is yet another really ‘cool’ idea that was taken very well by everyone and reestablished the fact that why Hendrick’s is such an iconic brand!

To mark the celebration of World Cucumber Day, Hendrick’s gin is running a global campaign to highlight the super-premium gin, which is infused with the uncommon combination of cucumber. Hendrick’s is a most unusual gin, oddly infused with rose and cucumber and to champion its peculiar garnish, the noble cucumber, the brand engaged gin consumers like never before and worked extraordinarily hard to maximise the visibility for all.


ATM bistro located at a very niche surroundings of Sundar nagar  unearthed a pop up event unlike any other “Cultivate the unusual” they said! . Taking place under the stars with of course an closed sitting as well, this place helmed an event where invitees lost themselves in the wondrous world of gin and cocktail pairings.

We all know that “Gin has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in recent years and the it is needless to say that Hendrick’s unusual and wondrous event left everyone awestruck. Night rolled into deeper night step by step and beauty by beauty.. there were so many gin connoisseur (Using connoisseur here just because of the lack of good words :D) around and everyone enjoyed the evening to the moon and back and went home with happy memories of World cucumber day!

On a side note: When the hustle and bustle of the city gets to you, make your escape to ATM Bistro. It will leave you speechless just way it left me.



Credit: Priyanka
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