Unlimited Pizza Fridays@Pizza Hut


When I heard of this Unlimited Fridays by Pizza Hut, two thoughts flashed in my mind. One, ‘Cut the pizza in four slices as six are too much for me’ and another one by Henry Collins ‘Pizza makes me think anything is possible’. Pizza Hut inspires from the latter and contradicts the former that nothing is too much.


Fridays are the most sought eat-out days and pizza in Indian subcontinent, at least in metros, is at par with ‘dal roti’. We have developed not only the taste, but rather huge appetite for pizza. Pizza hut knows and appreciates this fact and comes with unlimited Pizza Friday. It means you can eat as much pizza as you can on Friday at a nominal amount of 199.

I am sure you are looking for a “ * ”, as there are no free lunches, yes, there are conditions, but the conditions are just for namesake. The main condition is, the offer is valid only on dine and not on take away or delivery, valid per person and is only on Friday. There are more similar terms and conditions, which are actually the motivators for the Unlimited Friday Pizza party.

The offer is for a limited time, so don’t only read about it. It is time to take action, go head to the nearest participating Pizza Hut outlet and claim your unlimited pizza. By the way it is good time to throw party to your friends.

Happy eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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