Restaurant review, Cravity, Hauz Khas, Delhi

First thing First! I am glad, I mean I personally feel happy that these guys chose Hauz Khas and not Hauz khas village as the ideal location for their patisserie! Not that I have a problem with HKV but I feel I am happier off it! Moment i heard about the location, they earned brownie points from my end!


Well I planned to visit this place on a Friday night and was little dubious about the fact that what if this place doesn’t turn out to be nice? What if my weekend starts on a bit rough side? What if I regret coming here? Filled with all these thoughts I parked my car right outside Cravity at around 07:30 p.m. and the moment I looked at this cozy place, all my dreads flushed down the drain and I knew this place is promising and will sure treat my senses well!


Moment I entered I was received by this really humble and very well spoken guy who showed extreme signs of chivalry and guided me to my table. Later I got to know that he was the owner and he makes sure that he gives personal assistance to all the people who visits the café!


Let me take you through all the aspects of this café one by one! It will be easier that way for you guys to understand and for me to explain!


Décor: They have used my personal favorite color for the décor!! Off-White! I think I have some eternal love for this color, it’s so soothing, so classy, doesn’t kill you with brightness and does not shout for attention and yet noticeable! It’s right there to make you feel comfortable.. I noticed few paintings around, not that I am an aficionado of this field but looking at them I understood that those were some fine pieces of art! Décor pleased my eye and what’s pleasing, it’s always appealing!


Ambience: Place wasn’t overcrowded, even though there was live kitchen but no action or smell made me uncomfortable, lighting was perfect, furniture was clean, staff was humble and considerate and everything seem to fall in place except for one thing! I did miss a light soothing music in the background, I mean music does help! It helps me for sure!

Food: Even though the café is small and cozy but they have pretty elaborated list of menu! I could find a lot of my favorite dishes on the menu but controlling my inner hunger monster I ordered for Mexican mushroom sandwich and 4 pastries from their super alluring list! I know 4 pastries are bit too much but I have been saving this cheat day for a while.  I had a hard time pronouncing this one, Beurre Sale Au Chocolat but I had the best time of my life relishing this one! It is one of the best I had in the longest time, no kidding given! This 4-layered pastry took me to another world for a while! Every layer had heaven imbibed in it! Inspite of it’s big size and 4 layers, I managed to finish it all!  All! By myself!

Next in the line was Blueberry cheese cake, after 8 brownie and a pastry made out of mango (Huff, can’t recall the name) but can still recall the taste! I remember drooling high on all of them! Well, this was my list but as I said they have an elaborate menu so I am sure you all will end up having your favorite dishes right there considering they are serving multi cuisine for everyone’s perusal.

What goes behind: I always make it a point to meet either the chef or a representative of the restaurant to know what went behind this whole idea! Luckily, I met Rachit who is the owner of the restaurant (Remember his chivalry mention in the first few lines of my review) and could have a candid chat with me! Well, you must speak to him too if he’s around.. I was so amazed by the fact that how he completed his studies abroad and didn’t fall prey for brain drain 😀 rather came back to country to start his own establishments.. But having said that his exposure of things across the world is pretty reflective in Cravity’s approach! I could see how he has carefully chosen each and everything and how he makes sure to give personal touch to everything around!


Overall I had a great sweet time there and if you guys are also looking for same! This place is a must! Go ahead and have a good time!


Credit: Priyanka
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