The Fairfield by Marriott : Masterclass by Michael Swamy & Aniket Das

Bengaluru, 11thJune 2017:FairField by Marriott, Rajajinagar, hosted Bangalore foodies for an exciting masterclass conducted by Executive Chef Aniket Das and Masterchef Michael Swamy. Food lovers witnessed the culinary secrets from the coastal region of Maharashtra and Healthy blend of Bangalore, kitchen tips and tricks from the chefs himself. The Masterclass held on the 11th of June at The Fairfield by Marriott, that welcomes business and leisure travelers to India, serves food with simplicity of natural flavors blended with best spices.

iPiccy-collage     Executive Chef Aniket Das and Master Chef Michael Swamy

The evening started with a refreshing drink they served called “Rehman Ki Sorbet” named after one of their own chef Rehman. Divine feeling of the shorbet actually is combination of the right amount of honey, mint, basil seeds and lemon in plain water.

Executive Chef Aniket Das and Masterchef Michael Swamy started with a small introduction on how they started their journey, the food they love and that every food should have a story behind it, one should definitely look to it to enjoy it to core.

Chef Aniket Das started his class by sharing how his love for food started at home and that he tries to use that experience in his food as well. With this thought he taught the first dish of the evening : Moong Sprout Ussal

                                             Moong Sprout Ussal                                                      Chef Aniket Das preparing Ussal

Master Chef Michael Swamy told about the local flavors in our food and exciting and inspiring culinary journey he experienced and still learning. Then he started with the second dish of the evening : Chinchoni Fish curry where “chinch is the sourness of the tamarind”

             1.Fish Curry Served with Rice            2.Ingredients                                           3. Michael Swamy

Collage                                                      Process of Making the Delicious Chinchoni Fish Curry

Then the chefs came together to prepare the Upma with a twist of Ragi Semiya, taste of Maharashta and Bengaluru on the same plate : Ragi Upma

index29                                                                    Ingredients to prepare Ragi Upma

index19                                              Raagi Upma served with tomato, coconut & coriander chutney

The food lovers enjoyed the tasting sessions and the interaction with the chefs. During the Q&A session they explained how the big hotels or chefs are trying to bring back the authentic flavors in the food with the twist of healthiness.

indexLamb preparation by Michael Swamy, Ragi Upma, Chinchoni Fish Curry, Moong Sprout Ussal

The Master Class was a delight for foodies to experiment and experience great food, along with interactions with the chefs, knowing their experience and tremendous numbers of fun photos and selfies.

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