Oh So Stoned on Carter Road serves Rum and Whiskey Ice cream and Mumbai is LOVING it!

Yes! You heard that right! We’re actually talking about Rum and Whiskey Ice Creams, served with Rum Balls and Whiskey sauce!
Its time to take your favourite Booze, and in your Ice Cream INFUSE!

Head to Oh So Stoned now!

For the past few days, every time I’d pass by Carter Road I was very intrigued by this new place. I’m quite tired of all the ice cream places nearby and some new varieties of ice creams sounded like a good idea.
Oh So Stoned is a renowned Ice Cream chain in Delhi and Hyderabad and has finally made its way to Mumbai.
I LOVE knowing about new restaurants and joints before everyone and that is why when I was invited for a preview of ice creams I was delighted!
The first thing we tried at Oh So Stoned was the Rum Baba Ice Cream. On hearing about an alcoholic flavoured ice cream I was a little concerned because it usually ends up being an extremely background flavour and results in huge disappointment. This one on the other hand was a STUNNER. To address your first concern, no, it’s not alcoholic. That’s because all the spirit has been cooked off and is reduced to only flavour. The ice cream has all the punch on Rum and is topped with a Rum ball. They also have a fantastic topping sauce.


Going to a great ice cream place and not trying their a chocolate dish is a sin. So we decided to try their ‘Choco Haven’ thick shake. Now let me start with just saying that it’s not easy to sell milkshakes with a shop right next to Keventers but these guys are crushing those drinks! Those thick shakes are so droolworthy, I can bet you a 1000 rupees that there’s no chance that milkshake will disappoint you. The sauces made in house by Oh So Stoned are delicious! The whiskey sauce, hot fudge sauce and even the caramel are rich, decadent and true to their flavour.


We ended our dessert run with their Red Velvet Ice Cream. The red Velvet used was of good quality and great quantity. The ice cream had a buttery flavour from the red Velvet and tasted quite nice overall.


Oh So Stoned also serves some delicious brownies with Ice cream. We oredered the Brownie in a jar with came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, nuts and hot fudge sauce. Although it wasnt a layered dessert like we were expecting , it was wonderful. The brownies are moist and rich and the hot fudge sauce is so good it can brighten up a bad day!
Nutty, Chocolaty, Cakey goodness in a jar!


After visiting the place about 10 days ago I’ve recommended it to at least 5 friends and not one has been disappointed.
I’ll end by saying, I don’t need to be stoned to love these Ice creams they’re pretty damn good at any point of time.

Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani

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