The Imperial Delhi celebrates World Environment Day

Imperial Hotel Delhi held an eye-opening afternoon session that emphasised the importance of ‘home grown food’. The talk featured two prominent experts in this area, Sangeeta Khanna – an eminent blogger and a healing food expert and Khetify – a startup that helps urban homes with their home farming needs.

Audience engrossed in the gripping session by Sangeeta Khanna

That global warming is imminent (unless you are Trump!) and everyone needs to make a contribution is something we all know but the session highlighted the extent of the peril. Sangeeta Khanna told us how grave the situation is – especially as we contribute to the mounting pile of waste every day, that ends up in landfills contributing further to global warming and climate change.

She enlightened us further on composting and how simply it can be a part of our daily lives leading us to not only contribute to a greener planet but a ready solution (as manure) for us to grow plants at home.

Avocado, lime, tomato and cilantro with dehydrated banana chips

Further through the session, she highlighted plants we can grow at home easily as well as many alternatives to produce like lettuce that is more nutritious, tastier and does not travel hundreds of kilometres for us to consume.


This was taken further by Shabnam Kapur from Khetify, who told us ways in which the company can help us grown our own produce at home. Khetify uses smart technology to come up with innovative ways to make a garden in our homes. It was surprising that most of the food we consume daily can easily be grown in a corner of our house, without any worry of pesticide laden, unethically sourced food.

The Imperial recoonects with Nature on the occasion of WED 2017

Mr. Vijay Wanchoo, GM – Imperial Hotel too enlightened us on the virtues of homegrown produce and went ahead to highlight ways in which the hotel contributes to reducing waste and being environmentally friendly.

Chef Alok Verma and Ms. Sangeeta Khanna catch up on a quick chat over the green hi-tea spread

The afternoon culminated in the best way possible, with a specially curated Hi-Tea menu by Chef Alok Verma. It featured a spectacular spread including Purple quinoa, parsley and millet salad with pomegranate; Avocado, lime, tomato and cilantro with dehydrated banana chips; Charred red peppers, goat cheese pyramids in sour dough; Beetroot and millet focaccia, smoked salmon, rocket leaves, honey mustard; Spinach, avocado and Aloe Vera smoothie;  Caramelized apple cake with ragi and cinnamon amidst other delectable delights, offering a healthy and nutritious ode to the nature.

besan chilla with edible flowers and micro greens

Cauliflower and Orange mousse

Food like this showed everyone how one can incorporate extremely healthy, nutritious food in our daily diet and leave behind the toxic food that we presently consume.

Charred red peppers, goat cheese pyramids in sour doughBuckwheat blinis with spinach and lentil pattiesCarrot and Mint Kanji

The session was informative and inspirational in every way possible providing simple and elegant solutions to our dietary needs that are not only good for us but also for the planet.


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