Kinbuck 2 for your Sunny Indian Lunch

Since its inception two years back, Kinbuck 2 had been known for its European and continental menu, ambiance, presentation et all.

They had been operating a beautiful terrace sit out too till ofcourse the NDMC ruled off all rooftops in CP locked them off.

I entered with much curiosity as it was my first trip to the revamped restaur-bar.  I was pleasantly surprised by just the right volume of music. Defying conventional loud music that backgrounds cafes’ and yet it wasn’t too light to go un-noticed.


It is a delight for natural light admirers. With adequate sunlight beaming in, it definitely makes it an ideal place for some brunching.

I was put in confusion with the vast variety of appetizers and salads.  Following the Manager’s suggestions, I went for the Greek Salad.


The delicate and chilled Feta Cheese melted in my mouth in less than a millisecond; oozing bliss. The Salad was tossed well to freshen up the taste buds highlighting the crunchy farm fresh Lettuce.

In the appetizers, I chose Stuffed Mushrooms for the 1st and Salt ‘n’ Pepper Veggies for the 2nd.

Round mushrooms tucked with shredded cheese and mustard, and then tandoor-ed – I dunked them into the Mint Chutney and then popped it in. I must say it is a delight for Mushroom and bar-be-que fans.



Zucchini and Broccoli in the Crispy Veggies left me wanting more of it. Even though in the offering were a handful of crusty cauliflowers, bell peppers, baby corns and potatoes. But like I said succulent Browned broccoli and Zucchinis stole the show for me.



The best option to go for the main course was the VEG THALI – consisting the variety of Indian cuisine in one platter.


Yes, Dal Makhani and Paneer are a must at every North Indian cuisine display but! That’s the point, a very few manage to impress you.

I liked the presentation of the Black Dal in a colorful mini balti and The Kadhai Paneer in a typical steel Handi.


And this was one Black Dal to relish with every bite of it in your mouth. Thick with the butter and cream, but trust me, the taste made it worth it.

The other item that caught my attention from the generous platter of the bread plate of Tandoori Roti, Missi Roti, and Lachha Parantha was the last one in the list.

Flaky and crisp it teamed very well with the Spices and freshness of the set-up.


Hit Kinbuck 2 for a hearty lunch or breakfast in a well-lit space in CP.



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