Launch of ‘Au Naturel’ menu at Sorrento, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Based on the simple premise of increasing global consciousness about living a better life, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel Shangri-La’s – Eros, New Delhi is celebrating the Global Wellness month all through the month of June. One of the stark feature of this Global wellness month is the launch of ‘Au Naturel’ menu at their Award-winning Italian Restaurant Sorrento which is breathing health in it’s every single dish!

Shangri-La Eros Hotel New Delhi

Specially curated by Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi, this menu is all set to offer diners an avant garde multisensory experience of healthy food while keeping the Italian tradition alive! Well, ou read it right, it’s a menu you mustn’t have heard in the longest time coz this one is keeping the health factor alive with Italian tradition and that’s what makes it unique and something no to miss!



So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘Healthy menu’. Well, of course for everyone including me it involves fruits, salads, pressed juices and few more stereotypical dishes which all of us have had over and over again! While I was on my way to Shangri La, I wouldn’t lie but I almost had same things in my mind, may be because I didn’t know that Chef Neeraj can create magic with his food while perpetuating the health factor and to my glorious surprise I am glad he proved me wrong and took us for an absolute heavenly food journey of healthy food!


Atlantic crab salad, poached lobster, summer vegetable salad, potato ravioli are amongst the few things I drooled upon! Not only the food, every single drink was work of craftsmanship. I remember finished everything drop by drop and bite by bite!

Best thing about Au naturel menu is that while it talks about health and all it’s components, it also has kept the soaring high temperature of capital in Mind. Every dish and drink they offered reflected the science actually gone behind that certain preparation. It was amazing to now that how all the ingredients chosen have fresh and cooling properties to keep you cool and easy breezy this summer!

Last but not the least, fruit based desserts made me their fan forever, I think from now on these desserts are going to be part of every conversation I will strike about healthy food and it’s impact on us!


Credit: Priyanka
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