Summer Menu@ Olive bar & Kitchen


Summers are cool and pleasant. Isn’t it? Yes, summers certainly are, though it only depends on how you look. I looked at the current weather through the lens of Olive. Olive Bar and Kitchen doesn’t need an introduction.


There is a saying in Hindi ‘Jaisa ann waisa mann’. It roughly translates to ‘The food you eat influences your mind’. You eat good, you feel good and you think good. The summer menu at Olive influenced me the same way. Their summer menu is an experience artfully created by chefs.


The classy and comfortable ambience with the good food makes any place the best place on planet. At Olive, all preparations were done live and replicas served straight from the kitchen were not at all lesser.


Watching chef Dhruv prepare the food was like watching an artist converting white canvas to beautiful masterpiece. And, actually there were lot of similarities. The White plate resembled White canvas and the colours resembled herbs, flowers, fruits and other ingredients. To my eyes, this was better than the painting, as this art work could be tasted to the soul.


The photographs shared will only flavour the palate of your eyes. The taste bud of the tongue has to be treated by your own selves. Do spend some time of this summer at olive relishing the summer menu. Happy Eating… 🙂






Credit: Nipun
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