World Whisky Day with William Grant

Having whisky with William Grant and Sons is no less than bathing your soul in whisky. The family runs whisky brand, and they  have so many exciting stories to share, that a good book can come out of those.

To them, whisky is much more than alcohol. It has a story, rather, lot of stories. It has the notes, the music to soothe the soul. It has a legacy, it is a craft for them.

The story of evolution of whisky is from Glenfiddich to Monkey Shoulder, from home made distillery to one of the most sought alcohol of the world. Success stories and failures, naming of whisky and making of it, and lot more with a glass of whisky cocktail was all the more enthralling.

The evening was hosted at Hoots, the ambiance perfectly set for the mood of the evening. We were celebrating World Whisky Day and could not have been a better way to toast to this beautiful drink and to those who created it. I learned so much about whisky during that hour and believe me, no formal college education can teach you that. The experience is always more holistic than education.

I learned about a whole gamut of facts and personal experiences from them, and not what the textbooks taught us.

Those moments with William Grant and sons were Wwow, wonderful world of whisky.

I congratulate them for this successful journey. Please keep on introducing everyone to with this wonderful craft.

Happy Eating and responsible Drinking… 🙂

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