Smartphone Review: Vivo V5 Plus (After 3 Months)

The Vivo V5 Plus released in India early this year. BBK Electronics owns Oppo and Vivo that is why there is a striking resemblance in their phones. I am however inclined a little more towards Vivo because it reminds me of my favourite iPhone. The Vivo V5 Plus is very similar to the iPhone in many ways. It is priced at Rs. 27,980 and is very different to most phones in the market in many ways.

Now for those who have the OnePlus3T would rave about the phone and its fast charging but I am very comfortable with the Vivo V5 Plus especially because it is a selfie centric phone and I travel a lot and do click a lot of selfies.

The Look & Build: As I mentioned earlier, it looks a lot like the iPhone 7 from the back and a lot of its icons are like the iPhone too. Its home button is different to the iPhone but just as responsive. The fingerprint reader is very sensitive to touch and the metal body is very robust and classy.

The Vivo V5 Plus is a dual sim phone and only accommodates two nano sim cards. You can charge it using a micro USB port but unlike the iPhone 7 it has a headphone socket. The headphones look just like the iPhone 6s headphones. The voice quality is decent too. The speakers are very loud. We compared 3 phones in the same price range and an iPhone speaker with the Vivo V5 Plus’ speakers and the Vivo V5 Plus was the loudest but it wasn’t the clearest in comparison to other phones.

However, that is not what I like best about the phone, the phone weighs just about 160 grams and comes with a see-through case that is just as light. I took the phone to Koh Samui, Thailand with me and used it for directions all throughout. It works well without crashing or giving trouble even with prolonged usage.

Its display is 5.5 inches and the screen is a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for prevention against breakage. The screen is bright but doesn’t hurt the eyes because it has an eye protection setting. The touch screen is very sensitive as well. Picture and movie viewing experience is great too as it has a full-HD resolution.

The phone comes with an adapter, data cable, headphones, a see-through case, a sim ejector, a screen guard, which you can do without because even though I used the phone continuously for 3 months and took it to all my travels with me it didn’t get any scratches.

I use the phone to make a lot of videos and I did run out of the 64GB of storage but I backed everything up and I was good to go again. Because it has 4K recording I would have liked for the phone to have an expandable storage.

The Specifications & Performance: The phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, 4GB of RAM and as mentioned before 64GB storage. The plus point of the dual sim slots is that they both have 4G with VoLTE unlike a lot of providers that support 4G on only one sim.

The phone runs Funtouch OS 3.0 and this is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. The resemblance to iOS lies not just in the apps but also in the wallpapers and themes and because the screen has a glassy shine and the resolution is great the wallpapers are very pleasing to look at.

Snapdragon 625 powers the phone which makes it a very smooth functioning phone. Even when the phone is being used for 4K video and gaming it stays stable and does not give any trouble. It is a great multi-tasking device, the ‘Smart Split’ is one of my favourite bits about the phone.

The Front Camera: This feature of the phone is probably more popular than the phone itself. It has been advertised heavily all over and my expectation from this were very high. The phone uses a 20-MP sensor with an f/2.0 aperture and an additional 8-MP sensor for depth of field. This gives a very good “bokeh effect”. So you can pretend like you have a DSLR even though you have a smartphone. The phone is just as great for low light selfies as it is for day time selfies. In built features like Auto HDR and Face Beauty eliminate the need for beauty apps.


What I didn’t like is that the rear camera is 16-MP. For a phone with a 20-MP front camera, I would have liked the back camera to be of the same or slightly higher resolution. The back camera is really good for low light photography though. The video recording feature is quite nice but at times we did notice slight pixilation but that could be attributed to the distance from the subject, etc. The phone has camera modes like Night, PPT, Pro, and Ultra HD which you would be familiar with if you have used a Vivo phone in the past.

The battery lasts me a day on full charge and I am a very heavy user. The battery life did not deteriorate much with 3 months of usage. The phone has a 3055mAh battery.

The Result: It is impressive to see that such brilliant features are being brought to us for such good and competitive prices. The phone was used to the fullest for 3 months and charged every night and the V5 Plus passes the test of reliability, sturdiness, performance and holding battery life. For the features it offers the V5 Plus is a very good quality phone especially for travellers like myself. Recommended.


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