Book Review: Lucknow: The City of Heritage & Culture – A Walk Through History by Niyogi Books


I have studied in Lucknow for 4 years and have spent a very important part of my life there. Lucknow is very close to my heart and because I haven’t been to Lucknow in a while when I saw this book I just knew I wanted it.


Every page of this book is a homage to this glorious city. It has the history, the architecture and beautiful photographs of the city.


If you want to learn everything about Lucknow without going there, this is the book to pick. It has some wonderful food photographs that will make your mouth water.


This may sound like a very basic description of the book but you really do have to get it to feel and know the city. It is also a good guide to the places you must visit when you are in Lucknow. In addition, if you are a photographer and wish to visit a city where you will find a world of historical structures to photograph – pick Lucknow & buy this book!

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