Dr Bubbles- The one stop destination for all you bubble tea lovers!

If I had to describe Dr Bubbles in one sentence I’d say Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka.
I’ve been passing by this little shop across Marks and Spencer since over a year and just never happened to stop by. Bubbles, jelly and bubble teas have always been right up my alley and that’s why when I was invited to try their range of beverages I was super excited!
Dr Bubbles makes only 2 things. Beverages and Waffles and boy, both of them are fantastic.
Their beverages are categorised into yogurt based tea, milk tea and fruit tea.
Until I came here I was very skeptical about the idea of a yogurt based tea, specially with a fruit flavouring. I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around it but on a strong recommendation from the waitress to try the kiwi yogurt with strawberry jelly, I decided to just go for it.

I was very surprised to find that the kiwi flavour actually worked with the yogurt. The tartness of the two worked perfectly with each other, the kiwi was very subtle and the sweet strawberry bursts were constant wonderful surprises.

In the milk tea we chose the Taro flavour with Tapioca Pearls.
Taro is a root vegetable which can be consumed in numerous forms. It is widely used in desserts as a subtle flavouring and is also used to prepare steamed dishes.
Taro is definitely a unique flavour which may appeal to some and be disliked by some. I fall in the category of people that LOVE it’s flavour. In fact if I ever find it available in India, I jump to try it in any form.

The taro tea was absolutely delicious. It was mildly sweet, subtle and the tapioca pearls were chewy and soft.

In the fruit tea category we chose the Passion fruit flavour in combination with mango jelly. Unfortunately this flavour didn’t impress me at all. I felt like it completely lacked any trace of passion fruit and was overpowered by the mango flavour. I was looking forward to a tarty, sweet-sour drink and this surely didn’t meet my expectation.

Along with bubble teas, Dr Bubbles also has a range of freshly baked waffles. They are the just the perfect size and neatly cut into little squares with a generous pile of toppings.
We decided to try the Tiramisu waffle and the good old Classic, Nutella.
The Tiramisu waffle was doused in a strong coffee flavoured syrup and then completely covered with a large goop of fresh cream. Little Coffee jelly pieces made for the perfect garnish. It was definitely a delightful little waffle plate.

The Nutella waffle was just what it promised to be. A well baked waffle, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and covered with a thick smear of Nutella.

Of all the drinks we had the ‘Kiwi Yogurt’ was my favourite and the Tiramisu waffle has definitely got me longing for more.

Every aspect of your drink at Dr Bubbles is open to personalisation. You can choose your kind of tea; black or green, your base; yougurt,milk or fruit and even your toppings, whether jelly,bubbles or pearls.

All their drinks come topped with a large loop of fresh candy floss which makes the experience even more exciting and surely wakes up the child within you!
This little tea cafe offers a lot more than you may be led to believe by it’s humble size and interiors. It is undoubtedly, a must visit!

Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani 

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