Saffola Launches New Super Healthy Aura Oil


As we browse through the supermarket shelves, we find a multitude of cooking oils claiming many ‘health’ benefits, but very few are really good for our health. The dilemma is that oils that are supremely healthy are quite costly while the cheaper oils tend to be unhealthy.


Luckily for us, Saffola has introduced an affordable yet very healthy new oil that combines the goodness of flaxseed and traditional olive oil. Consisting of 80% olive and 20% flaxseed oil, Saffola Aura is recommended for everyday cooking. In fact, it is also available in another variant: as pure olive oil. Moreover, this oil is cold pressed hence it keeps all nutrient and minerals intact.


Flaxseed oil is known to reduce cholesterol levels and combining it with olive oil is a novel idea to introduce a healthier oil in our food.

The event was a star-studded affair with Chef Kunal Kapur and nutritionist Pooja Makhija gracing the event and indulged in a Q&A session with the many bloggers who were present at the event.

The event itself was a lot of fun as there was a cookoff between the bloggers present at the event. Each team was given a list of ingredients to make one dish from using Saffola Aura and the best dish was chosen among them.

I think each one of us should give this product a try and reap the benefits of this well thought out affordable and healthy product.

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