Travel Diaries: Shillong to Mawlynnong, Meghalaya – Day 6 

Mawlynnong is just around 90kms from Shillong and has only about 500 residents and 95 households. We paid ₹3500 for a taxi from Shillong to Mawlynnong.

Before we entered the village we saw this huge nature rock – Mawryngkew Sharatia. This is also known as the balancing rock. The entry fee to view this rock is ₹10.

We then paid ₹50 to maintain the village and entered Mawlynnong – the cleanest village in Asia! 

The village is really clean but there is nothing much to do. There are loads of eateries and locally made products you can buy.

I got some bags and jewellery from this cute little girl. I paid under ₹1000 for all of the stuff I got. 

After this we went to the spooky Living Rooys Bridge. 

If the world ends, this place is probably what the whole world would look like. We paid an entry fee to get into the roots bridge but it was getting really dark and ten staff had to go home so we had to leave. 

This place had clear waters too. Climb up the stairs for 10 minutes to where the cars are parked and there is a lot to eat including fresh pineapples. 

We got home late after eating Khasi food at a local’s home. It was interesting. 


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