Restaurant Review: Hahn’s Kitchen, Gurgaon 

Hahn’s kitchen is one place that takes you to a delightful Korean culinary tour. The good part about the place is that it is authentic Korean. What do I mean by that? It is not an Indian Korean restaurant, instead a proper/real Korean restaurant. The dishes are not prepared for the Indian palate and rather to get us to experience pure Korean cuisine. They are very authentic.


Ambience of the place is soothing. We entered the place at noon, escaping the scorching Delhi heat. Low light, good ventilation and comfortable seating all made us feel really comfortable. 


The open kitchen behind the glass wall made us crave viands. They also have a separate low dining area very much in theme as per the Korean culture.


A Korean meal typically comprises of vegetables, fermented sauces and condiments, meat. It was an amazing experience to eat Korean food in Korean style using chopsticks. Whoever likes to experience and explore different cuisines will surely love the place and the food.


We tried Kimchi Jeon, Kanpunggi, Bibimbap and lot more, there were so many amazing dishes on the menu that I am not even able to recall all the names. However, taste is still live in my memory. Even more, what is in a name… 🙂 here is all that we had.





The serving portions are really big, do keep that in mind while placing your order.

Happy Korean-ing…Happy eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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