Travel Diaries: Shillong to Dawki, Meghalaya – Day 5 

We started our day by picking some fresh fruits and vegetables from a farm in Upper Shillong. 

The peas we picked were the best and the sweetest I’ve ever had. 

We then got a cab to go to Dawki because we didn’t feel like driving. A cab from Shillong to Dawki costs ₹3500. 

On our way to Dawki we stopped in between to get some pictures of winding roads and the beautiful view. 

When we reached Dawki we were really hungry. But we decided to look at the clear waters first. 

You can spend an entire day boating over Umngot River at Shnongpdeng Village in Dawki. There are a lot of adventure sports and water activities. We went rafting and there was zip lining and kayaking too. 

I also saw a scary snake like creature while I was photographing the river which is when I decided to call it a day and go eat something.

The locals were very friendly. We got some fried rice, maggi, chips, tea etc.

We stopped in between to see a waterfall and then headed back home. The drive was long but we had great music so it wasn’t too bad. The roads are not bad at all. It even started raining on our way back. There are lots of food joints on our way back but we decided to eat at Shillong. 

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