Downtown kitchen and bar – the hottest place for weekend brunches has the most extravagant buffet spread in town !! You can even enjoy their pool on Sundays along with the buffet which is an added fun aspect as it ensures a perfect weekend plan !! The interiors scream elegance and suave !! The lights, furniture is very minimalistic with a sophisticated touch !! With its state of the art international interiors , and Marriot attached to its name – you can be sure of utmost luxury and finess in both ambience and quality of food !! We went for the special homelike Indian food which was that day’s special preparation !! Being a strict vegetarian , i started with jack fruit – kebabs served along with mint , tomato- garlic and onion – yogurt chutneys !! It was surely the highlight of the meal for me !! They were just cheese filled flavor bombs and made jackfruit taste like heaven !! Then came the soya chaap along with a special mini parantha which was really crispy and flavoursome !! Me and my friend ordered freshly made pineapple and watermelon juice as drinks to go with. They both were perfectly acidic and refreshing !! For main course we had the classic dal makhni and paneer makhni along with mutter mashroom and butter naan !! Special mention goes here to daal makhni which was absolutely gorgeous and perfect !! Being an Italian lover , i could not help but order some pizza and white sauce ravioli – pizza was quite juicy and cheesy !!! Though we didn’t eat non vegetarian but our non veg friends were all praise for pomfret masala and nalli nihari !! We ended the meal with mini gulab jamuns in a creamy phirni which seemed directly from paradise !! If you’re looking for great food and amazing ambience – downtown kitchen and bar by marriot is the place to be .

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