Restaurant Review: The Hungry Monkey, Safdarjung, New Delhi

It took me a while to finally absorb the fact that I did had an amazing dinner last night rather one of the best after long time. Chef Noah and his well thought dishes were something I have always heard off. While striking a conversation with anyone who loves food and knows about it, his name would always come on surface and I always had a plan to taste the food he creates by his magic wand. Finally, this time when I heard that there is an ongoing California Tapas festival going on in Hungry Monkey, I decided to miss it for nothing in world..


I reached the place at around 8 p.m and it just started so smoothly from that very moment only. I looked around and was totally drooled by the interiors of this place. I’s done up very beautifully and very carefully, light isn’t too harsh and décor isn’t too bold or shouting for attention. I liked how they have actually put up nice quotes on walls and even on the table.. And as they all that begins well, ends well. I knew this is going to be a dinner which I will remember for a long time.

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I started off with Burnt Lime and Pineapple Margarita, I really wanted to know how would they infuse the burnt lime in a drink and even though I was skeptical I did give it a shot and it actually turned out to be amazing.. I think this is going to be my permanent drink for a really long time now. While I was still drooling on the Drink, Chef Noah walked out of his kitchen to meet all of us and now without any hesitation I can say “What a creative guy”.. As I move ahead in this blog, I would prove take the pleasure in proving my this statement right.

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Next thing on the row was Mushroom Cappuccino soup, I was floored by the way it was presented and I still fail to have the words to explain how awesome it tasted. I thought I will end up having 4 to 5 of same but I had to control considering my gastro journey had just started.

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Next on the list was cold Spinach Gomae, a Japanese salad prepared with baby leaves and roasted sesame and Japanese Mayo. Ok, this one I finished completely, till the last bite. I knew I had to calm down as I wanted to eat a lot but I couldn’t resist myself. I also tried Paprika and chipotle spiced prawn skewer, herb spiced mushroom, Tenderloin along with Hungry Monkey’s signature drinks. I can go on and on talking about all these but I think I will just close things with a very simple statement “Everything was worth trying and every bite was heavenly” I don’t even have one dish or a drink to complaint about. Not even one and that’s why I said the chef is an insanely creative guy. He has put up so much of magic in his every dish and it’s not only about the food he creates. I was so impressed by his knowledge of things and the way he could strike the conversation not only about food but everything under the sky from food to chefs to music to cities and what not!



People around were nice, music they played lifted my mood up to the sky. I mean c’mon they played Carla Brunii, i hardly get to hear her in any restaurant. Overall I had a great experience and now it’s time for you to experience what I did.

Credit: Priyanka
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