Restaurant Review: Bottoms Up, Andheri, Mumbai

You just name it and Andheri (W) has it all! Be it pubs, bars, shopping destinations and what not!


Now, there’s a new party spot in town and that’s: Bottoms Up, in the lane opposite Infinity Mall and this could be your new go-to place.

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It’s part of Punjab Grill restaurant and just perfect for those lazy evenings when you’re clueless about what to do.

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The place is a bit compact but there’s something deeply charming about it – the metallic walls, upholstery to match, stunning lights, cute props for selfies, a cool range of cocktails, scrumptious food and of course, great music to which you know all the words.


Never mind the four tables and a few bar stools at the counter, it’s the overall ambience, the energy, and those smiling faces serving you drinks and food that totally make up for it.

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As far as the food goes, since it’s part of Punjab Grill, you can expect the food to be great. The menu is very desi and excellent for those with an Indian palate. Also, the food is not greasy or excessively oily.


Last night at the launch party, I tried the Chana Jor Garam, Makhan Masala Garlic Corn, Kacchi Mirch Ka Paneer, Flying Chilli Chicken and Macchi De Pakode With Desi Chips.


They all deserve a 10/10 for the taste and portions but I’d specially recommend the Kacchi Mirch Ka Paneer and Fish Pakodas.

Fish Pakode.jpegKacchi Mirch Ka Paneer.jpeg

They were very well marinated and tasted simply superb with the right amount of Indian flavours. Truly appreciate the chef!

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Besides food, what you must also try here is their range of cocktails.

vodka shots.jpeg

This includes the Watermelon Martini – it was just WOW, Cosmopolitan, flavoured vodka shots, Mojito, and of course, the evergreen Jacobs Creek Chardonay for wine lovers, like me.

white wine.jpeg

So you can sip on some of these, while you unwind to some great music. But hey, for Bollywood buffs this place could be a disappointment in terms of music. But over all, a super place to chill and grab a drink for those in their twenty-something. Do drop into this new Andheri (W) spot when you’re in the mood to get high and hit the dance floor.

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Credit: Vipasha
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