Launch of Rajputana quarterly, Royal Fables & a culinary Jugalbandi @Fio, Cookhouse and Bar, Delhi.

“Rajasthan” always a ring a bell for the words like “Royals”, “Rajputana”, “Rajwadas” et al and I think that it’s my love towards this place that makes me biased towards it and it always tops my chart when it comes to culture, beauty and of course food. Recent launch of Rajuputana journal along with Royal Fables @Fio Cookhouse and bar gave me the opportunity to experience everything together, the same authentic way..



Rajputana Collective: A quarterly that captures the world of Regal Rajputs by Urvashi Singh of Khimsar.



Royal Fables: A platform that showcase Imperial India in all it’s splendor. It strives hard to conserve the tradition of Palace Studios or karkhanas that were integral to royal India. The indigenous Art, textile, costumes and jewelry making tradition of a region were lovingly patronized by the ruling royal family who bought in a few master craftsmen to the palace to create master pieces infused with their refined aesthetics. With the artisanal traditions perished too. Royal Fables is a humble endeavor to revive the tradition as well as highlight the music, art, cuisine and architecture of royals.



Evening was spread between the fine showcase of Royal fables featuring Gond Art by Rajkumari Nandini Singh Jhabua, Kite Colors inspired hand painted saree by Princess AlkaRani of Pratapgarh, Chikankari splendor from lucknow by Rajumari veena singh of Padrauna, Boho chic ensemble by Kanwarani Kamini Singh of Seohara and Gold weave from the looms of Mansa Gujarat patronized by Thakurani Darshana Kumari of Mandawa.

Food was worth dying for. All the Drinks were Jack Daniel’s infused and the bartender really did a striking work of craftsmanship with it. They served the starters only but then there was nothing we could complaint about. I think the pictures posted here will speak about them. Taste was up to the mark, there was heaven in every bite. Staff was courteous and carried a warm smile all the time.

Décor was worth drooling, everything was carefully selected and arranged in a perfect manner to make a perfect sense.

Credit: Priyanka
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