Book Review: Alluring Kashmir: The Inner Spirit By Irfan Nabi and Nilosree Biswas

Since the release of the book to today I spent a lot of time on the book Alluring Kashmir. Though I visit Kashmir every year what Irfan Nabi and Nilosree Biswas have portrayed through this book is special. It’s very special. Only someone who is truly in love with Kashmir can depict it in the way Irfan and Nilosree have done it.


Irfan Nabi and Nilosree Biswas are excellent story tellers and will show you the Kashmir you have never seen before.

There are some amazing pictures by both of them and tales and information about Kashmir only a person who truly breathes Kashmir can know. This isn’t a book you can read in one go. This is a book you keep with yourself and savour and admire at leisure. I have spent a lot of time with the book and I want to spend more.


The book is the perfect partner for my tea. I pick it up and read sections of it over and over again and spend time admiring the photographs and attention to detail. Even though I’ve been to Kashmir many times. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Kashmir the way Irfan and Nilosree have taken me through this book.


You will see Kashmir through the eyes of two people who have not just thoroughly researched the place but are also deeply in love with it.


The photographs will transport you to the heart of Kashmir that’s often hidden from all of us.

My mother’s favourite place is Kashmir and she is in a bad place (healthwise) at the moment. The only things that bring a smile to her face is either a movie on Kashmir or this book about Kashmir. I would love to thanks Irfan and Nilosree for creating such a masterpiece and I really hope they come up with a sequel so we have more beautiful pictures to look at.


For those who have never been to Kashmir, if you can’t make there…get this book! See Kashmir through their eyes and you would wish you were there now.

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