Restaurant Review: Ministry of Beer (MOB), Delhi

IMG_20170411_194024.jpgEnter a gate at M-43, Connaught Place, and one lands in a factory in the heart of city. This is a factory, which is loved by most of us, a beer factory. Yes, we are talking about MOB or Ministry of beer. One enters through the door and on the right are huge stainless steel brewing containers.

Walk in and the corridor of the factory opens to an open area with Live Music. The place has water sprinklers all around that beat the Delhi heat and makes environment more vivid. From the corridor there are stairs leading to next floor which is a full bar.

IMG_20170411_193430.jpgAmbience is one thing, which has been thoroughly worked. From door handles to dustbins to bar seating, all has a feel of factory. The ambience of the place also talks about “Jugaad”, like the door handles are made from some machine parts, chairs are made by using bent pipes and wood planks. The hukkah is hanged at stand at your table so that it does not take up lot of space on table. The place has all kind of seating, high chairs, comfy sofas, coffee table chairs, so one can be comfortable as per own choice.


Service staff is very humble and sweet. They will take very good care of your needs with a smile on the face. The place has all the necessary logistics to make one comfortable. The place overall has an attractive look.




The preparations are good and well served. Especially the presentation part is picturesque. Be that a serving of a beer or a whisky sour. In Cocktails, we ordered Cinn Sour, Mobel LIIT and Mob Smokey Island. All three were amazing work of art.

Mobel LIIT was the attention seeker, it was beer served in a style. A pint beer inverted placed into a glass bottle with crushed ice and Lime, and a straw piped out. As one sips through the straw, beer is released and from the bottle into the glass. One gets the beer, ice chilled and flavoured with lemon. This whole process is quite fancy to look at.


Snacks are good; a non-drinker will find solace in them. All snacks are tasty and quite a decent quantity. They play good background music. So order your mocktail or a cocktail along with a plate of quick bites and imbibe yourself in the musical evening. The place is a very good getaway to hang out with friends.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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