Restaurant Review: Fatty Bao, Delhi

Fatty bao is a unique and authentic restaurant in sangam courtyard ! Interiors of the place are truly different and fabulous !! They are never before experienced or seen sorts !! With magical wall paintings and circusy lights , this place surely captivates your attention at first !! We went for the special bao menu lunch !! It had a variety of vegetarian and non vegetatian baos !! Being a vegetarian i chose to order all the vegetarian baos !! Nom !! We started off with grilled cottage cheese with carsar dressing , which was really crispy and the bao bun was extremely soft and with a hint of sweetness- exactly how it should be !! The we ordered mushroom , aubergine and potato bao as well !! They all were totally melting in mouth with a tinch of crisp from the vegetables !! The veggeies used seemed extremely fresh and the authencity and delectable taste of baos showed the expertise of the chef !! We also went for mocktail – which was betry flavoured served with loads of crushed ice and a cherry on top !! Also , special mention goes to music , which perfectly complemented the ambience of the place and had a soothing vibe !! I wish i could get that playlist though ! 😇😜 !! The service is quite fast and the crowd is defenitely upmarket !! This place is a must must try for bao fans !! Head to fatty bao for a crazy culinary trip !!!

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