Restaurant Review: Royal China, Delhi

Royal china is an authentic chinese reataurant that has been true to the culture and showcases it through their food !! It is located on 16th floor with a breathtaking view of the lotus temple and ultra chic interiors !!! It seems to have left no stone unturned to offer luxuriant dining experience to its customers !! With wooden floor and state of the art interiors , it screams modernity !! I ordered a mint and ginget mocktail while my friend ordered a berry one !! They both tasted good but could have been more in quantity !! Surely they were refreshing and tangy !! Being a vegetarian i opted for vegetarian fried sea weed and carrot and turnip paste !! They both were to die for !! Alsbolutely delicious and flavourful !! Then came our veg lettuce wrap and vietnamese spring rolls !! Wrap was very light and had a soothing taste which totally complemented the entreé . Vietnamese spring rolls were average as i am used to crispy spring rolls with a spicy filling !! They had a soft wrap and a less spicy filling- though they delivered what they promised- truly vietnamese !! Then my friend ordered veg chive dimsums which were again steamed to perfection in green glour wrap !! The soy sauce dip was mind blowing and had me kept me wanting for more everytime !! It went with everything that we had !! Then came our main course which was noodels and choice of rice along with mapu tofu !! Rice were cooked to perfection and had a stand up texture and they were seasoned very well too !! Mapu tofu was a gravy dish and was amazing !! It was a blast of flavours on the palete !! Finally came our much awaited dessert which was crispy custard buns !! It looked oh so dramatic and very unique !! It had a crispy texture with a glaze on the outside and cooked custard on the inside !! It had a very rustic flavour which can only be experienced and not described !! The staff was very knowledgeable about what they were serving and were very warm and polite !! The manager is an amicable bud and surely knows his job !! Head to this place right now to experience chinese paradise literally on heaven i.e high top restaurant !!

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