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IMG_6971.JPGA healthy food never had an image of a bhatura, and Leonardo tries to change this image on World Health Day. They believe in, eat what you want to eat, and eat it without any guilt and stay healthy. An Indian at heart, trying to maintain good health has always lived with guilt of eating fried food. There couldn’t be anything better than bhatura to shatter this image.


A mammoth bhatura swimming in more than 300 litres of Leonardo Olive oil comes out and enters Limca book of Records on 6th April, with a record size of 49 inches. This busts the myth that Olive oil does not go with Indian cooking, it goes very well and instead goes in a healthier way.


Olive oil has a highest MUFA compared to other refined oils. It scores better as it has rich source of antioxidants and oleic acid, which results in lower intake of oil by the food cooked in it. It forms a kind of outer coating on the food and prevents the excess oil absorption by the food. This low absorption mechanisms leads to 42% less oil absorbed by a food like bhatura, when cooked in Leonardo Olive Pomace oil as compared to other refined oils. This is just not a marketing gimmick, it is as per the study conducted by NABL accredited Lab. It boosts good cholesterol level, helps in weight management, free of trans-fat, all this makes it a source of good metabolic health and as well justifies brand’s tagline “Khata rahe mera dil”.


Leonardo just not sends a healthier message this World health day; rather send it in a style and a practical manner. The event witnessed the views from eminent personalities from the field of Medical Science and Nutrition, Company’s health vision and mission, and how Indian food shouldn’t be ignored for good health. It was not just a talk, a recipe book “Leonardo Olive Oil Health Chronicles” is launched, so that it isn’t forget as yet another yada yada gyan and the talk is supported in written. So, talk along with a cookbook, is then followed by a demo of frying. Moreover, it is not just frying instead frying a BIG BIG bhatura that creates a record and leaves a worldwide impression of Live Life King Size.


They just do not end here, O’live Befikr – the campaign mascot is launched that will interact at consumer level. It will explain the health benefits and simplify the concept of metabolic health through various consumer touch points; they will have promoters explaining the health benefits.

Happy Eating & Healthy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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