Washington Apples – FBAI SOIREE

The FBAI recently hosted an event in association with the Washington Apples Commission in India to generate awareness about this delicious breed of apples. The event was hosted at the beautiful St.Regis in Mumbai and had a mix of Food Bloggers and other Social Media Influencers as attendees.

Washington Apples are known worldwide for their rich flavor. And it’s also interesting to see that they provide so much nutrition. They are literally all fiber and no fat or cholesterol which makes them the apt food for anyone who is looking for snacking options while trying to lose weight.


It was also interesting to see the versatility of the fruit – it can be used to make such interesting snacks and savoury desserts. We even got to try pani puri with the pani made out of apple juice! Chef Himanshu Taneja threw some light on the best ways to use Apples while cooking and also shared a few recipes.



I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying more Washington Apples from now on. And I hope you do too 🙂


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