Navratra Menu @ Punjab Grill, New Delhi

Navratra special menu at Punjab Grills is a true feast. It is a must this navratra, you are fasting or not doesn’t matter. With the limited list of ingredients available, chef does not even need a creative hat instead a magical hat and wand to create something palatable. Chefs at Punjab Grill do this so well.

The specially curated navartra menu is worth all the fasting throughout the day. It is like a blessing after days long fast. They have two packages navratra Thali and  Ala carte. Thali is priced at 395 excluding taxes and is worth each penny. We were served with Vrat lassi. Lassi is a makhana and curd preparation. It was thick and creamy, flavoured with cardamom, sweetness very mild. When you are fasting for whole day and take a first sip of such a superb drink, the only voice that comes from the soul is…..mmmmmm and a satisfying smile on the face.

The Thali comprises of the below


IMG_20170329_201332.jpgThe quantity in Thali is quite a much and one may need helping stomachs to finish it all. Do not waste food and if you are not sure, go for Ala Carte.The best part of this thali is, it has none of the common preparations. The chefs have been very creative. The navratra meal usually brings to mind Sabudana Aloo tikki and Sabudana Khichadi and the thick fried Singhara Poori. However, this thali does not have it. The Poori is made from Rajgira and is such a thin crust that it is hard to believe that no wheat flour is used. All preparations are in Desi Ghee. Each dish in the thali was so tasty, that not sure which one we liked the most. However, if still need to zero on something, khoya paneer and dahi wale aloo I liked like anything.

IMG_20170329_203406.jpgHere comes the dessert. Another bulls-eye. Rasmalai and Makhane ki kheer does the smooth ending. Makhane ki kheer if served as first dish, then it would have also been my last dish. As, I would have, only had that and nothing else. After such a wonderful thali, appetite was low and wanted to have more. Kheer was a winning shot.

Do treat your palate this navratra at Punjab Grill.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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