Movie Review: Phillauri

548105-phi.jpgI can’t begin to describe in words how much I hated this movie. There is absolutely nothing good about this film.
Suraj Sharma.png
Suraj Sharma (Kanan) is one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

The Fake Laugh!

All he’s done in the film is mumble, “mumble mumble I don’t know!” Mumble Mumble, it’s too soon. “Mumble Mumble, I see a ghost!”
Mehreen Pirzada.png

Her best expression in the movie!

Change your expression girl! 
Mehreen Pirzada (Anu) tries but the Director Anshai Lal hasn’t been able to get anything good out of her. 
anushka sharma.png
The quintessential Punjab Khet Scene!
But, that doesn’t make me sad. What really makes me sad is that after her wonderful performance in her production NH10, Anushka Sharma (Shashi) hasn’t been able to stir any emotions in this film. Not that she doesn’t cry, I mean try. Oh, there’s so much crying in the film. And there’s comedy. Ah… the comedy! Why?
It’s hard to believe that the dialogue writer of this film Anvita Dutt is also the dialogue writer of my favourite film Queen. But then again Anvita Dutt did write Neal ‘N’…!
Phillauri is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I know I’ve said that already but I’m gonna say it again, because I feel like I’ve lost 2 hours 18 minutes of my life on something really blah.
Diljit Dosanjh.png
Diljit Dosanjh is a great actor and singer. However, I blame the director for not being able to use such wonderful actors to create something good.
“Raise your hands up in the air!” – coz that’s what all singers do! 
It’s not that ghost films can’t be believable. Remember “Chamatkar”, that was an excellent ghost film. This is beyond crap.
The flashback and flash forward technique is supposed to create context in films but the scenes in the film are unnecessarily long and don’t hold attention.
Mehreen Pirzada (Anu) who first can’t see Anushka Sharma (Shashi) can magically see her in the climax of the film? Why? How? I mean the film is such a drag that I don’t even want to ask these questions.
In Raja Sen’s words, “the film wastes Anushka Sharma!” It also wastes Diljit Dosanjh.
The story is a blah, the acting is bad. I won’t recommend watching Phillauri.
Rating: 1/ 5 Stars
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