Vietnamese food festival – Hyatt Regency, Delhi


Cafe, all day dining restaurant at Hyatt Regency, Delhi is running a Vietnamese food festival until the 26th March and the food is as fresh, crunchy and flavourful as you get in the streets of Saigon which is why attending it should be a top priority.


The meal began with a couple of pomelo salads – veg and non veg. While the non-vegetarian option had succulent prawns, the veg variety had carrots, onions and fried beancurd. Although I love prawns, but the veg salad was superb and should not be missed.


The spring rolls came in next and they were delicious. Fresh & crunchy they tasted right especially with the dipping sauces.


Among the warm appetizers came Deep Fried Seafood Spring Rolls that really hit the sweet spot. The mixture inside was minced prawn and squid, deep fried to crunchy perfection and with a sweet chili sauce, this was a crowd pleaser.

Pho is what the entire world knows Vietnamese cuisine by and we got to sample a couple of those as well. My favourite was the seafood pho made in a nourishing ginger flavoured broth with shrimps. Mildly aromatic and light, it was the perfect opening act to the main stars that followed.


Vietnamese food is wonderful insofar that it has made its French culinary influence into something uniquely Vietnamese. This was evident in the wonderful mushroom pancakes we were served. The pancake batter was thin like a crepe but made with rice flour, spring onions and spices and was quite crunchy and delightful.


Pork is central to Vietnamese cooking and the braised pork here was good too. It might be that the quality of pork is not up to scratch here but I found it too fatty and tough. The flavours were all there, but I was expecting a succulent piece of meat which I did not find.


There was a portion of tamarind honey wings that were served to us which were the star dish of the day. Sweet, sticky, spicy – these were perfect and eat-in -one – sitting worthy on its own.


The desserts were a little bit of an acquired taste. The sweetcorn “sweet” soup was a warm soup made with coconut milk and sugar and quite a unique taste. The other dessert was a sago, banana rice pudding with coconut. This had a very familiar Indian taste to it so I’d recommend this over the sweet corn soup.

Go taste fresh, healthy and utterly flavourful dishes at the food festival at Hyatt and get a taste of Vietnam right here in Delhi.




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