Product Review: Whisper UltraSoft Sanitary Pads

Whisper sent me this wonderful hamper last week and it makes me really happy to see that they are doing something to make sure that women are comfortable in the most uncomfortable days of their lives.


I’ve heard a lot of women complain about how uncomfortable periods are for them. I’m not that unlucky. I’m only uncomfortable on the first day and then I’m fully functional again. However, I have friends who say they can’t move or function at all while they are on their period. So, when I see new products being added to the line already existing I don’t really understand the importance. However, this one is clearly the best Whisper has made so far.


Whisper Ultra Soft is as the name suggests really soft. I’ve only used Whisper all my life because whenever I haven’t used Whisper I’ve been disappointed. By disappointed I mean leaks, stains, etc. Whisper is without a doubt the most absorbent, premium and comfortable product in the market. It really does set my mind at ease.


Only women who have had to change pads every few hours and keep a look out for leaks and stains will understand how uncomfortable this time of the month can get. However, if you switch to a good brand like Whisper you will see that these problems won’t haunt you.


The best part is that the pads Whisper makes are extremely fragrant. I remember there was a time when a dog went sniffing around my friends underpants and she got really uncomfortable. When I asked her why he kept doing that, she said maybe he’s amused by the period smell. This was a long time ago and it was when most sanitary pads in india did not have any fragrance. Times have changed now and such embarrassing things don’t happen to women anymore. Atleast they don’t happen to women who pick good brands like Whisper!

Whisper has a range of products in the market starting from low price to high price, low absorbency to high absorbency. The lowest Whisper product is priced at only Rs. 32.


And now there is #UltraSoft. So there’s something for everyone.

When I look at TV adverts, I realise there are still women out there who struggle with their sanitary napkins. They go through one whole pack during their period and need to refill again. Since brands like Whisper have come up, I don’t see the need to change or even refill my pads because they are so absorbent. It is really that simple. Only someone who has used a good product will realise that it is not just worry free to invest in a good product but money wise it comes out to the same thing! Imagine being stained because of a cappy product and spending money on detergent to get stains out? It comes out to the same thing. If you have used Whisper, I can guarantee you won’t want to switch back. I know I can’t!


The best part about #UltraSoft is that it really gives you the feeling of wearing nothing. It is extremely soft and comfortable and it has wings. It is priced very competitively at Rs. 64.

I recommend it!

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Whisper UltraSoft Sanitary Pads

  1. Whisper choice is a worst pad it is very extra short i hope whisper choice should be banned .Improve your sanitary pad either xl or xxl otherwise it will be banned .I will suggeat all the woman dont use whisper choice For using choice we have to change it every 2 – 3 hrs a day so think how much pad will require for a day . I am not satisfied with whisper choice which i will be get satisfied on using whisper ultra.

    Very very very very worst sanitary pad .I am not satisfies with your product.

  2. Whisper are the worst pads i have been ever used ths stickers are the worst in the world the are not pasting properly it is not even comfortable according to size…..since i will recommend u sofy or stayfree becz they r very very very much better than this fking whisper…i am so angry from buying this shit….for me this is really wastage pf monwy

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