An Ayurvedic Hospital that is also a Resort offering Massages!

In olden days when someone got sick the first thing doctors used to say is, “take the person out to somewhere the patient will forget their day to day problems and get out of their stressful routine”.
Kairali is one such place. It is located in God’s own country – Kerala. It is situated in the town of Palakkad, which lies at the foot of the Western Ghats. The dreamy land of misty mountains with its evergreen tropical forests, dams, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, rare birds, historical monuments, temples and traditional Ayurvedic treatment centers. Palakkad is fast becoming a favourite for Kerala tour packages which is why one should plan a trip before everyone discovers this quiet haven!
Kairali – The Healing Village in Kerala is essentially a hospital. At first glance it may seem like a resort because it has all of the qualities of one – beautiful rooms, high ceilings, massages, meditation, yoga, etc. However, it is far from just that. I spent a week in Kairali and when I came out I was a changed person for so many reasons.
Kairali taught me the power of Ayurveda, it taught me how simple things can make for a meaningful, long and healthy life. It taught me that Ayurveda answers all questions with the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Once a personality type is identified, a person can be treated accordingly.
Kairali is set on 60 acres of land. The healing village is full of aromatic fruit trees, gentle waterways and tropical palms. They provide all kinds of herbal massages or ayurvedic treatments. Most ingredients that go into the food and the medicines are organic and locally sourced. The meals prepared in the kitchen of Kairali restore inner balance, help the body feel light and agile.
I slept really well as there was no internet access in the rooms. There was yoga and meditation everyday for a transformative spiritual journey; the Ayurvedic experience at The Healing Village has been designed to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate. The Ayurveda programs suit all, irrespective of age and gender. Through the programs you will experience a full program of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, which work to create balance between body mind and soul.
Therapies like Panchakarma treatment, weight loss program, detox & rejuvenation, beauty care & eye care, dealing with stress & strain, hypertension treatment, sinusitis & migraine, Ayurveda training courses, slip disc treatment, arthritis & spondylitis, yoga therapy retreats, chronic back pain, post pregnancy health, tailor made retreats, treatment for skin diseases, treatment for diabetes, deaddiction & rehabilitation are provided at Kairali. In addition, Abhyangam, Shirodhara, etc. are performed by trained professionals everyday.
The Program starts with a wakeup call of bird sounds, and start the day with a classical Hatha Yoga class, a perfect blend to energize the body and mind. This starts at 6:30 am and you can watch the sunrise as you do yoga.
Then, have a delicious vegetarian breakfast, with herbal water, juices, herbal teas and fruit.
The day is filled with ayurvedic treatments, later followed by lunch and evenings have a 60 minute group meditation session. The day ends with a sumptuous dinner and dessert and sometimes all gather together for a little Satsanga before bed.
If you are an internet addict, you could walk to the reception area to access the internet for a while. Remember that Kairali doesn’t have any tea or coffee so if you are a caffeine addict it would be best to either carry your own tea or coffee or better still stay away from it for the duration of your stay.
You can have a chat with the in-house doctor for persisting problems and issues. The doctor would give you a diet chart, therapy recommendations and prescribe medication for you. Kairali’s factory is where all its medicines, shampoos, soaps, oils, teas, etc. are made. It is a very well-planned, hygienic and a pure Ayurvedic facility.
Kairali has all kinds rooms. It’s “Deluxe Villa” (Tariff: Single ₹15,400 – Double ₹27,300) is set among the serenity of the retreat community, the luxury elegance of this villa style allows one to surrender oneself entirely to the warmth and natural beauty of the habitat.
The “Classic Villa” (Tariff: Single ₹17,500 – Double ₹29,400) occupies a slightly larger space than the deluxe style villa, these villas sit beside the gentle stream that flows through the Ayurvedic Healing Village.
The “Royal Villa” (Tariff: Single ₹20,300 – Double ₹32,200) has professionally designed interiors, quality construction, high-class facilities and comfort-laden amenities.
The biggest “Maharaja Suite” (Tariff: Single ₹31,500 – Double ₹42,000) promises a luxury villa of an unsurpassable standard. One is bound to feel like an Emperor at this suite.
At Kairali guests are offered the best of modern holistic therapy, staying true to the ancient principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Vedic cultures, and natural health on which the centre was founded.
Kairali’s factory visit was an amazing experience in itself. I spent time watching a lot of products being made. It’s institutions like Kairali that keep the 5000 year old culture of Ayurveda alive.
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