Hi-5 to Wai Wai, Delhi

If you are a noodle lover, then Wai Wai City is your stop!

Wai Wai City is a noodle bar from the very famous and sumptuous noodle brand, “Wai Wai”. Situated in the bustling Hauz Khaas Village, Wai Wai City gives you a complete feel of a noodle bar, with deliciously smelling noodle toppings, fried onions, noodle sauces and much more.

menu.png(Delicious menu out there. Choose yours)

The moment I entered Wai Wai City, I was surrounded with welcome greetings from the staff, which made me even happier. After all the usual greetings and stuffs, I went on to the menu, and was AMAZED! Like literally! The noodle bar served noodles along with some sides like momos, wontons, authentic coolers and much more.

samosa.png(Chilli Cheese wanton with chilli cheese mayonnaise)

And for a noodle hogger like me, leaving the place without trying everything out was a big NO! I ordered for Wai Wai Bhel and Watermelon Bubble-gum cooler at first place, and felt heavenly. The Wai Wai Bhel will make you remind of the street side Mumbai wali bhelpuri and watermelon bubblegum cooler is an exciting combination for hotter summers!

samosa.png(Watermelon Bubble-gum cooler and Wai Wai Bhel)

Adding to the event were the two most amazing names; Kamakshi Khanna and The Timeliners!

Kamakshi Khanna? Well, she’s a singer, songwriter and recording artist from the heart of India, New Delhi. And she cooks really amazing noodles as well!

samosa.png(Kamakshi Khanna wearing a chef’s hat)

The Timeliners? It’s a millennial-focused lifestyle channel that brings out the lives of the millennial generation folks across the city. They have this beautiful concept of ‘timelines’ that we follow in our virtual (and real) lives.

samosa.png(The Timeliners with their customized noodles)

These two became chefs for all of us as they entertained us with their sarcasm, humour and their beautiful smiles.

samosa.png(The Timeliners team mates preparing their own Wai Wai)

If this wasn’t enough, I also ordered Cherry Soda, Grilled Shanghai Chicken momos and my own version of Noodles, with Kung Pao sauce, loads of veggies (and wai wai toppings of course). And finally felt full!!!

samosa.png(Cherry Soda, Grilled Shanghai Chicken momos and my own version of Noodles, with Kung Pao sauce, loads of veggies (and wai wai toppings))

What’s all! The WAI WAI GOODIES were waiting for me!

samosa.png(The Wai Wai Goodies)

That’s the end of it guys. Hi-Five to Wai Wai.

samosa.png(This beautiful little corner at Wai Wai City)

Now I’m going to the kitchen to make my Wai Wai.

P.S.: Wai Wai City is on Instagram as @waiwaicity, Kamakshi Khanna as @kamakshi_khanna and The Timeliners as @thetimeliners. Give them a follow.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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