Trailer Review: Sonakshi Sinha’s New Movie – Noor

What we get from the trailer:

  • Sonakshi plays a journalist.
  • She is a klutz. sonakshi sinha
  • She is also a party girl #EpicHangover.
  • She has weight issues.
  • She hates her life.
  • She loves her family #MyPeople
  • She isn’t very fond of her cat.
  • Kanan Gill is in the movie #ComedianTurnedActor
  • Obviously, #WorkSucks
  • She doesn’t have a love life #NoLoveLife
  • She does item numbers, she has lost weight but she still conceals her arms. #WhySonakshi
  • This movie has been produced by the producers of #Airlift noor sonakshi sinha.png
  • Sonakshi is going to expose someone & someone’s gonna be killed? #EerieMystery
  • Out on 21st April 2017.

The movie seems intriguing but it isn’t something I’m looking forward to. The pattern of the film seems pretty run of the milk. Sonakshi was very promising in Lootera but will she be able to bring that magic back? We will have to wait and watch!

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