Olive Tree Trading & FBAI’s Review Box – Olive Oil, Europaea Milk & Organic Quinoa 

Receiving a review box from FBAI is always exciting. The one I received last week is really special to me because it contains some really exciting and healthy stuff.

Olive Oil by Olive Tree

This olive oil is really good quality and it’s the first luxury olive oil brand in india.


I used it on my pizza and it tasted really nice. I’m going to use it to create a lot of interesting recipes and will share them with you soon.

Organic Quinoa by El Olive

This Quinoa is 100% gluten free which is brilliant for people who have Celiac disease. Not all Quinoa products in the market are gluten free but this one is 100% pure Quinoa, hence it is gluten free.

 This has been imported for Peru. Peru has a small town call Quinua and Peru is the largest exporter of quality Quinoa to a lot of countries like the United States of America.


With the Quinoa I created a quinoa salad with a brilliant yoghurt dressing.

Europaea Free Range Milk 

This milk is 100% cow’s milk but that isn’t the good part. The good part is that it is free range. In case you don’t know what free range is let me tell you that free range cows are really happy and healthy.

They are free to live a happy life, free to road where they want and are not confined in any enclosure. These cows are  fed grass only and it is believed that cows that are fed grass only produce healthier milk as compared to the ones that are fed grain. These cows are the best quality Irish cows that are not injected with any hormones to produce more milk. The milk is homogenised and comes in a tetra pack.

I am really fond of milk and I love it so much that I can taste milk and guess correctly what brand it is. So, I am very fussy about the milk I like. I do not like the taste of homogenised milk too much. In fact, there are a lot of brands in give market like Danone that taste very unnatural. This is a good mix of fresh milk and homogenised milk. It has a natural sweetness to it that I like.


I created a wonderful smoothie using this milk and it was a great hit with my family.

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