Italian cuisine lovers couldn’t have asked for anything better than this!

Shangri-La Eros Hotel, New Delhi:  The hotel was filled with so much enthusiasm. In the middle of the bustling Connaught Place stood the ‘royal’ Shangri-La.

And inside it dwelled the ‘italiano’ experience; Sorrento Ristorante (Restaurant).

Enter this place and you’ll smell the wood fired pizza, the authentic flavours of olive oil and fresh basil around, and a complete Italian coastal vibes.

That’s where Michelin Star Chef Riccardo Sculli belongs from. And he wished to give those vibes throughout.


The pristine wine was served as I got lost in the ambience of the place.

The Executive Chef of Sorrento, Narendra Tyagi, introduced all of us to Riccardo Sculli. And then the Italian ‘masterclass’ magic began.

He made us two very signature dishes of his, straight from Ristorante Gamberro Rosso, Italy; Spaghetti with Black Cod and Black Truffle and Bon Bon Shrimp with Pumpkin Burrata and Anchovy Bread.

Bon Bon di gambero.JPG

“The Bon Bon Shrimp is a dish inspired from his childhood days. When Riccardo’s father was preparing a shrimp dish for dinner and he was enjoying chocolate bon bons that he loved. That’s how he wondered what if a shrimp could take the shape of a bon bon” said Narendra Tyagi.

As the Italian cooking experience went through, the smell of the simple, surreal flavours of Italy flew through my mind. I could feel the Italian coastal vibes all over me. It was unique.

Spaghetto con merluzzo nero e tartufo nero.JPG

At the end, we had a complete Italian fiesta. The pasta, the wood fired pizza, the risotto, the shrimp bon bon, the spaghetti. The authentic Italian flavours danced in my mouth to leave me speechless.

And as I went back, I had a surprise waiting for me. It was a memento of this masterclass!


All my misconceptions of Italian cooking washed away. Thanks to this star chef.

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