Book Review: “Selfienomics” A seriously funny guide to living the good life! by Revant Himatsingka


A unique book is what comes to mind when you read this marvellously funny yet so true to life book by Revant. It is rather unbelievable that a young person as Revant could pack so much wisdom on a variety of subjects which touch our day -to -day lives. The uncanny way references to Bollywood and Twitter/Facebook through hashtags have been made leaves one chuckling and sometimes bursting into full-fledged laughter. Some portions on health and well-being are really very useful and should come in  very handy to the young and old.
The author is a Certified Health Coach and a graduate of New York University, Stern School of Businees. The knowledge the author acquired  during his study of Management has been  wonderfully utilised in writing this book.
He has also put gems of wisdom in this book how to spend time,money and other resources to get the maximum results.
The concepts of opportunity cost, NET PRESENT VALUE, MAXIMIZATION  OF BENEFITS , leisure time utilisation, time management etc have been beautifully applied to understanding our life issues like  health, family , hobbies,friends,career and even religion. To the common readers it should serve as a guide to navigate their life in efficient and meaningful way.
I rally appreciate the wisdom encapsulated in such an easy-going and funny book.  Unputdownable and a must read for both young and old . The author needs to be congratulated handsomely for the first book he has written.

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