Product Review: IFB Minute Meals

IFB has come up with a fantastic range of products for people like me.

Who are people like me?

I am a lifestyle and travel blogger and I am always on the go. I am never at one place, always travelling. When I come back home I want a nice filling meal and cooking almost becomes out of question.  So coming back to IFB’s microwavable food.

I’ve tried 3 different kinds at the moment:


Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice – This is my favourite. When I came back from my month long trip from Koh Samui and tried this red curry I was amused at how authentic this dish tasted. The rice was fragrant and cooking it took only 4 minutes.


Fried Rice with Chestnuts – This is my second favourite. The chestnuts in it add a little something extra to the dish. It is a wonderful recipe.


Asian Fried Noodles – This one is the most interesting, there is a sauce in the pack that needs to be microwaved separately. How IFB manages to keep the meal this fresh is beyond me.

When I lived in the UK many years ago I used to have burgers and mini meals like this. They were easy to have and all I needed to do was poke holes in the plastic and microwave to get a delicious burger. However, IFB has gone a step ahead with these minute meals because these dishes are really homely and subtle and the best part is that these dishes are 100% vegan.


Are you a weight watcher? 

The calorie count is at the back so you know exactly what is going into your stomach. They are not very calorific meals so you can be assured that you will not be deviating from your diet when consuming these.

How long do these last in the fridge? 

These products don’t expire for at least 15 months when stored at -18°C so you can store many boxes in the freezer at once and eat them when desired.

All in all, it is quite a delightful and easy way to eat a good meal at home.


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