Guppy Inside – “Gappein” Outside, New Delhi

IMG_6762.JPGI do not know what the meaning of guppy is. However, it reminds me of my old school friend who being very talkative, was referred as “Guppy”. In his case, the word was derived from hindi word “Gappein”, which actually means non-purposeful, showy fun talk among friends. Even If I think from this context, then Guppy is the justified name of the place. It offers you enough comfort to sit and do chit chat with your friends, in enclosed space or in open.

IMG_6771.JPGThe ambience of the place is chic, modern and rustic. I know you must be wondering when I say modern and rustic together. The place is modern and chic, when we look at the tableware, serving dishes, décor and seating. There is countryside window, which opens through this world of modernity into the outside world. One can literally jump and go outside from the window, as it has no protective grill or obstruction. You can stand in the window and can haunt the passers from the backside road. I know, it is too much, but I loved this window and view from it.


Guppy with its ongoing winter menu, provide enough warmth to beat the outside chill. They serve Japanese cuisine, and making weird faces, if you do not like it. The people who were working on the recipe must have you in the back of their mind. The preparations are very much Japanese, and yes they have been tweaked a bit for the Indian palette. If I say they are Indian Japanese, then that also would be calling them too much Indian. Not getting it? Go and try it yourself, your taste bud is the best judge.


From sushi to soups, to mocktails, to coffee, I loved it all. Yes, as we don’t eat Japanese too often, don’t want to eliminate the surprise element by writing about each preparation. However, one thing is guaranteed, that each preparation is good, and you will like few and love few, but won’t hate any.


So don’t keep just reading, looking at the clicks, explore this revelation winter menu, and enjoy… 🙂

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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