Travel Diary: Day #2 – London, England – The Zoo, Dining Out & Much More

We started the day really late because we overslept.


We walked around the zoo and saw some really beautiful giraffes that we had to photograph. They have insanely long tongues!

The gorilla kingdom at the zoo was the most fun. There was an aquarium too but we didn’t go in. We saw loads of animals but we had a restaurant reservation so we headed to it.

It took us around 40 minutes to get to The Four Seasons Hotel which is right opposite Hotel Intercontinental. It is a stunning hotel located in Mayfair. We were eating at Amaranto which serves an Italian-inspired menu with international flavours throughout the day.

A special mention to the Tuscan Ribollita (Black Cabbage, Lardo Di Colonnata, Confit Red Onion). Oh and the Torta Della Nonna (Custard Cream, Toasted Pine Nuts, Honey Ice Cream) was phenomenal! It was one of the most fulfilling desserts I’ve had in a very long time.


From Four Seasons we decided to walk a little as we had eaten too much. When we reached the nearest underground station we took the metro to get to Baker Street.


We had two options. Either to visit Madame Tussauds or to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Since they were both so close to each other we went to both.


After an exhausting day we ordered in some food and ate it in bed as we watched TV.








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