Riders Music Festival @ SOCIAL Nehru Place, Delhi


Riders Music Festival presented by Phoenix Live & Red FM, it’s happening at Jawaharlal Nehru StadiumNew Delhi, on the 18th and 19th of February, 2017. The festival is a travelling celebration of a lifestyle which combines the love of bikes and music. The two day event will see a lot of entertainment, biking, music, food, and more, furthering the essence of this festival. It doesn’t stop at just a display of killer bikes.


There are also communions where bikers can bond and exchange their stories. Some bikers will be showcasing their Harleys, Triumphs, and Royal Enfields.


Riders Music Festival is just a week away and we’re getting super pumped for it. On Sunday they had another Sundowner Party at Nehru Place Social, taking over the cafe for the night with performances by homegrown artists Chizai and Gurpreet & Manan. Both acts were versatile with their own sense of melody with which they lit the room. The only thing missing from this action was mouth watering food and a combination of amazing beverages. What place other than SOCIAL to celebrate this event.

We are very familiar with social and there is no need of any sort for it’s introduction. Social is one the places which attracts all age groups. Delhi has numerous outlets of Social, but Nehru Place is undoubtedly the best one if you’re a party popper. Epicuria being the place which has always catered the needs of everyone, the place is always flushed with people.

One of the first things you notice is the hashtag #pirated, when you enter; the setting is spacious and well divided between indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area has a row of old concrete benches that ‘are in loving memory of’ pop culture elements like the walkman and MS DOS { You also get a view of the busy Nehru Place market and the high-rises next to it}.

The indoor area on the other hand, has its own vibe; with ferris wheel-style enclosures, stadium-like stair seats, a generous area for dance and a co-working space. Hanging chairs and tables illuminate the area and the DJ has a classic Delhi ‘band waalah’ banner in front of him. {You can also spot a metro sign and lots of pop culture references scattered across the space}.


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