EYWA by Saby, Delhi


EYWA by Chef Saby comes live at Celeste Chocolates, Meherchand Market. Celeste chocolates, need no introduction, they started homemade chocolate revolution 17 years back. Saby, winner of Best Indian Chef from President of India, needs no introduction and a renowned name in Food Industry.

IMG_20170208_164839.jpgThe café is located at first floor, just above Celeste Chocolates. Have a chocolate welcome enjoy the high tea and then a chocolate good-bye on depart. Quite romantic, with the approaching Valentine Day, is it not.

IMG_20170208_171636.jpgThe Café is introduced to bridge the gap of fewer high tea options in Delhi. Though only time will ensure filling of this gap, however efforts are very genuine. Though it is a small place, there is a comfort in the air. Be it ambience, classic vintage cutlery or distressed wood furniture all come in together to add high-end coziness.

IMG_20170208_165238.jpgA menu at length to choose from pancakes, coffee, waffles, pizza and lot more. Do drop in with your loved one and enjoy the place. You will love it.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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