Road #3 Delhi – Pushkar – Delhi

Roaring Knights

Basic Info:

Number Of Riders: 2
Transport: One Royal Enfield Classic 350
Place: Pushkar, District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
Total Distance Covered: 900 km
Date: 19th Nov 2015  to  22nd Nov 2015
Total No Of Days: 4


For me, the love for Rajasthan is never ending, so i again decided to travel to Rajasthan and what better place to go to other than the small town of Pushkar during the Puskhar mela(Fair). It was not just the fair that attracted me to Puskhar, but the fact that i wanted to ride my bull(Royal Enfield) all the way, 430 km to the interior of Rajasthan. I was more excited about the long ride than just going to Pushkar. I had never gone so far on my Enfield, the mere thought of the ride gave me an adrenaline rush.
I got my Enfield serviced a week before, washed and clean, she…

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