Road #1 Delhi-Alwar-Bhangarh-Sariska-Delhi

Roaring Knights

Basic Info:

Number Of Riders: 1
Transport: One Royal Enfield Classic 350
Place: District Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Total Distance Covered: 600 km
Date: 1st Jan 2015  to  4th Jan 2015
Total No Of Days: 4


The idea to do this trip came to me, when i read about Bhangarh fort, near Alwar, and the supernatural stories associated with it. I also read about the experiences of many people who visited Bhangarh, and my curiosity grew as i wanted to go and see the place for myself. The pictures, that i saw of this place, on the net were so beautiful, the road, the fort plus the amazing Aravali range surrounding the place, all of this inspired me to ride to this place on my Royal Enfield.
So, around the end of December, 2014 i started planning my trip, the routes that i'll be taking, all the stuff needed and most…

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