Chao Bella – Crowne Plaza, Okhla celebrates the Chinese New Year


Chao Bella, Crowne Plaza, Okhla is the Sino- Italian offering of the hotel and they are celebrating the Chinese New Year with a special menu.


The menu takes you on a culinary journey of China and importantly celebrates different kinds of meat on the menu.

Here are my top picks from the menu :

Glass noodle soup

Warm, wintry and extremely flavourful – this is a treat to begin the meal with. The fresh vegetables add to the comfort of this soup and the glass noodles give it texture.


Baked prawns

What makes these stand out is that they are cooked in sea salt which imparts a different taste, texture to the well-cooked prawns. In fact looking at them one might mistake them for the regular salt and pepper prawns but the difference is subtle and really good.


Sweet and spicy Tenderloin

Tenderloin is the hero here and boy is it cooked well. The meat is not tough, in fact has a slight crunch and in that beautiful sauce infused with pineapples and pomegranates, the entire dish sings.


Steamed Salmon

Salmon is cooked to perfection here, still flaky and moist and drizzled with a tau see bean sauce which I believe is a fermented soy bean paste. This imparts an umamilayer to the otherwise simple dish and elevates it.


Black Sesame Ice cream

Though this ice cream comes as part of a platter of desserts, but the sesame ice cream stands out. Not only does it keep the sweetness of the ice cream in check but also gives it a textural contrast that goes so well with the silky ice cream.


The new year menu is a great way to remind ourselves about the breadth of Chinese cooking and sample some absolutely delicious fare. Go try for yourself, the festival ends soon.

Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla Celebrates The Year of The Rooster At ChaoBella

Timings -1230 hours to 1145 hours

Date – Up to 13th Feb 2017



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